Grant reviewing season is winding down and I finally have a little free time to get back to blogging.  It was quite a year as I did many reviews for different departments and spent a lot of time in one of my favorite places —Washington DC.  As a reviewer this year, I survived fire drills, bomb threats and hurricanes but all with good friends and fellow reviewers that I have met through the years.   It was not easy work as I think reviewing gets harder each year.  In order to get the money to the right applicants, the funders ask for more and more creditability (and rightly so).  The criteria for each competition grows as do the Competitive Priorities.  However, reviewing is still one of my favorite pasttimes…love the challenge of getting the money to the most deserving!

One of my favorite reviews this year was the Promise Neighborhood.  This review had sufficient time for careful reviewing, was extremely well-organized, paid well and over all provided a good environment for working.  The staff was very respectful of reviewers.  Clearly one of my top rated reviews!

Going to start searching for upcoming reviews…let me know if you find any new reviews.