Found this notice this week and thought I would share.  Peer Reviews are the best way to improve your grant writing.  Will post others as I find them.

The U.S. Department of Education (ED), Office of English Language Acquisition (OELA), Native American and Alaska Native Children in School Program (NAM) is seeking peer reviewers (field readers) with experience in ESL and American Indian/ Alaska Native Education programs  to read and evaluate discretionary grant applications for FY 2011.
If you are available to commit  from February 4th to February 15th, 2011, read 2 applications (maximum 35 pages each) per day, and available to panel every day, please email your resume providing information about your educational background and expertise, technology skills, grant reading history, and program experience history to
Vendors and individuals who do business with the Department must also register in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) System and acquire a DUNS number. The CCR is maintained by the Department of Defense. It is a Web-based database of business information on more than 290,000 registered vendors. It is well established, well known, widely used, and provides for fast, free and easy registration. Please read the information regarding vendor registration in the CCR.
The NAM program will be using the G5 e-Reader System the Department’s electronic field reading system to review grant applications.
Field readers must have the following in order to use G5 e-Reader:
1.    Access to the Internet from home;
2.    Microsoft Word; and
3.    Cookies and JavaScript enabled in the browser.
The application review process involves orientation, reading and evaluating applications, and discussions with other panelists. Panelists will evaluate and score applications using the U.S. Department of Education’s published selection criteria. Selected field readers will receive a copy of each assigned application electronically. Some applications will be mailed to readers, if the applicant had an approved waiver. They will review applications at their home and enter comments and scores on each application electronically into the Department’s G5 e-Reader database. Paneling of applications will be conducted through pre-scheduled telephone conference calls that require the participation of all panel members. All scores and comments must be entered into G5 e-Reader by the designated date. No travel to Washington, D.C. will be necessary.
Field readers will receive a flat fee honorarium for the entire review period based on the established number of reading days and applications. Since the number of reading days and applications to be reviewed may vary, you will be informed of the amount of the honorarium at the time of your selection as a field reader.
We will accept Resumes until November 1st, 2010.  Potential selected reviewers will be notified by email to schedule a telephone interview.