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CALL FOR PEER REVIEWERS – Improving Literacy through School Libraries

ANTICIPATED 2011 U.S. Department of Education Competition ///Deadline: February 4, 2011

CONTEXT: Improving Literacy through School Libraries is a competitive grant program of the U.S. Department of Education (Department) that promotes comprehensive local strategies to improve student reading achievement by enhancing school library services and resources. Focusing on communities with twenty percent family poverty rates, the LSL program targets school districts with the greatest need for assistance. To receive a grant, applicants must sufficiently demonstrate both their eligibility and their commitment to fulfilling one or more of the activities of the program.

WHO: We are seeking peer reviewers with demonstrated experience in the following professions: school and public library media specialists, PK-12 teachers and administrators, digital media education specialists, college or university educators and researchers, and PK-12 education consultants. The Department seeks reviewers with experience implementing school library media programs in the digital age, including collaboration with educators for the integration of web-based learning tools into traditional learning environments.

WHAT: Peer reviewers will independently read, score, and provide written comments for grant applications submitted to the Department under the Improving Literacy through School Libraries program. Program funds are used to increase up-to-date school library holdings; acquire advanced technology to develop and enhance students’ information literacy, information retrieval, and critical thinking skills; facilitate Internet links and other resource-sharing networks among schools and school library media centers, and public and academic libraries; provide PK-3 professional development and K-12 collaboration opportunities; and expand hours of access to school library services. Reviewers will conduct review activities primarily from their locations electronically. The Department will offer reviewers an honorarium.


  • Availability: Reviewers will need to dedicate approximately 50 hours of time for reading, scoring, developing comments, and discussing assigned applications over a three-week period, during the April 2011 timeframe. Reviewers will also need to participate in web-based technical assistance conferences to prepare for the review.
  • Tools: Each reviewer must have access to the Internet, a phone, a printer and have the ability to interact within the web environment.
  • Quality of review: Each reviewer must provide detailed, objective, constructive, and timely written reviews for each assigned application. These reviews will be used to recommend applications for funding. They will also be shared with each applicant following the review.


You have a conflict of interest and may not serve as a reviewer if:

  • An application will be submitted for this competition in which you will benefit financially from grant funds (if awarded).
  • An application will be submitted for this competition in which your spouse will benefit financially from grant funds (if awarded).
  • You will be participating in the development of an application.

You have a conflict of interest, but one that does not necessarily disqualify you from reviewing, if:

  • You are affiliated with an organization plans to submit an application, but you will not benefit financially from that application.
  • Your spouse is affiliated with an organization that plans to submit an application, but he or she will not benefit financially from that application.
  • An applicant names you as a consultant in an application without your prior knowledge.
  • A situation exists that may be perceived as a conflict, such as reviewing proposals from your region of the country, reviewing proposals in which a family member (other than your spouse) stands to benefit financially, reviewing proposals from an organization or individual with whom you are negotiating employment, etc.

 TO APPLY: Send an updated resume, in DOC or PDF format, to lsl@ed.gov. Please include the following in the subject line of your e-mail: “2011 LSL Reviewer”. Your resume should include:

  • Full Name
  • Education (list all college degrees, with dates of degrees, institutions, and majors must be listed)
  • All professional position titles, descriptions, and dates in chronological order beginning with, or going back to, your first position after receiving your B.A. or B.S.
  • A detailed description of your current organizational affiliation, and position title.
  • Telephone numbers (work, home, and fax [if applicable])
  • Home and work mailing addresses
  • Preferred E-mail address

 Please note: If you are retired, please make it clear when you retired, and that you are retired at present, and list all consulting positions or other relevant positions you have taken since retirement. There is no need to emphasize grant writing or grant reviewing experience. Please provide a full description of your professional work experience and substantive professional experience that are relevant to this type of work. We are interested in all work you have accomplished involving elementary and secondary education, literacy, library science/library-related, technology, and performance-based measurements and outcomes.

 If you have any questions about resume requirements or conflict of interest issues, please contact Peter Eldridge at (202) 260-2514, peter.eldridge@ed.gov; David Miller at (202) 453-5621, david.miller@ed.gov; or Almita Reed at (202) 260-1979, almita.reed@ed.gov. Please do not send resumes to these individuals; send resumes/cover letters to lsl@ed.gov by February 4, 2011.