Apply at the website below to review for the Administration of Children & Families (US Department of Health and Human Services). Departments include Child Care Bureau, Children’s Bureau, Family and Youth Services Bureau, & Head Start Bureau). Grant reviewing is an important step in the funding process. Grant reviews are designed to choose the best programs for funding out of a competitive group. Grant application reviewers are selected for their expertise and their ability to objectively evaluate the quality of an application. They are expected to use their expertise to assess the applications according to the evaluation criteria published. Grant application reviewers accept the responsibilities of thoroughly reading all applications, fully contributing to panel discussions, and producing accurate evaluations.

Interested individuals from any organization, university, program center, or occupation dealing with children and/or family services are encouraged to submit their resume and writing sample.

Training will be available on-site for first time ACYF/OHS grant application reviewers as well as more experienced reviewers.  Many grant reviews take place May through September in Washington D.C.; travel will be arranged. Grant reviews may also take place electronically via a secure website.  All grant reviewers (local or out-of-town) for on-site reviews receive $150 per day of review participation. Panel chairpersons (local or out-of-town) receive $200 per day. Field review compensation varies. Generally, payment is made on the last day of the review. This payment is subject to Federal income tax.