Needed Areas of Expertise 

CNCS is looking for individuals to serve as Peer Reviewers with experience in National or Community Service Programs, Grant Making, Nonprofit Management, Volunteer Management, Strategic Planning, federally recognized Indian Tribes, or other related areas.  

 In addition, because this year’s AmeriCorps Funding Opportunity Notice seeks grant applications that specifically align with the priority areas stated in the Serve America Act; accordingly, we need Reviewers with five or more years of demonstrated experience in the respective fields. (Disaster Services, Environmental Stewardship, Veterans and Military Families, Healthy Futures, Economic Opportunity, and Education)


What to Expect

  • The FY2011 AmeriCorps grant competition Peer Review is utilizing a distance-based Field Review model, allowing Reviewers to collaborate and complete their review responsibilities remotely, eliminating the need to travel or meet in person for participation in the review.
  • Each Reviewer will be assigned to a review panel and will read and assess their assigned applications individually, then participate in panel discussions regarding those applications.
  • Some Review Participants are asked to serve as panel Facilitators who coordinate with CNCS staff to chair their review panel, facilitate panel discussions, and summarize strengths and weaknesses.
  • The review process duration is two weeks and can take 40 to 50 hours of work time to complete, depending on individual and panel working styles. There are mandatory orientation and training sessions, as well as panel calls that will require alterations to your normal work and/or activity schedule. Reviewers will download, share, and print the review documents and applications using an online collaboration tool.
  • CNCS offers Reviewers and Facilitators, with the exception of federal employees, a modest honorarium for their participation in a grant review. The honorarium amount varies, but begins at $700 depending on the participant’s role and the expected deliverables.

 How to Respond 

If you are available to participate and commit the required time to be a Peer Reviewer for the FY2011 AmeriCorps* State and National Grant Competition, send an email to and we will note your interest for subsequent communications.  

CNCS has refined the requirements and qualifications for Review Participants to better suit our needs. Therefore, it is imperative that your experience is complete and current in eGrants!  Take note, Reviewers will be selected based on the information contained in their eGrants profile; therefore, your previous participation in a CNCS review will not be factored or guarantee FY2011 recruitment. You should also update your Reviewer Profile in eGrants. (eGrants LogIn Page)  If you have trouble accessing your account, please contact the eGrants Help Desk at or 888-677-7849 (M-F, 8am-8pm EST). Please do not open a new account. 

 Important Information for Participating 

Responding with your availability does not guarantee your participation in this review. Peer Reviewers and Facilitators are selected by CNCS for each grant competition based on their relevant educational and professional qualifications, as well as the number of grant applications received.  If chosen, you will be asked to fill out a Conflict of Interest (COI) Form to determine if any apparent conflict (e.g., involvement with an organization applying for an AmeriCorps Grant, etc.) exists. Please note, as of FY2011, the names of all participating External Reviewers and Facilitators for CNCS grant competitions may be made public.

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