(This post is from a friend I met while reviewing grants.  He is an excellent  grant reviewer and offers some great advice.  He is currently the Director of an Adult Outreach Program and has classes for displaced workers, elderly community, mandate divorce classes and re-entry of newly released incarcerated individuals in a number of disciplines.  If you would like to get in touch with him, leave a comment and I will send him your information.  Thanks to Dr. Nelson Alba!)

The words “Grant Application” give shivers to many people and visions of complex formulas. There are a few steps you can take to make your application more appealing to the persons reading the material you will submit.

A. Keep It Short And Simple. Do not over state your case. Make sure all you write is related to the application. Do not get too wordy. If the reader has to guess what you are saying, is going to cost you.

 B. Order, Order. If at all possible address the grant application in the order it was presented to you. The reader will follow a form in the exact order it was given to you. Readers love orderly applications. If you can, provide a bold title to each section for faster identification.

C. Time is of the essence. If you plan to apply for a grant, the sooner you start writing the better. Stress can make you make mistakes otherwise avoidable. Plan ahead your work.

D. Spell check. It cannot be stressed enough the importance of avoiding simple spelling errors. It is very distracting to the reader to see grammar and spelling errors. So, spell check and then spell check again.

E. No Generalizations. Avoid generalizations that might get you in trouble. Make sure you can provide facts, examples or both on the argument you are trying to make.

F. No Tears, Please. Do not attempt to appeal to the emotions of the readers. You do not get extra points for it and takes up space for more cogent information.

G. Finally. Place yourself in the position of the reader who does not know you or your ambiance. Read your final application and see if any section is not clear or misleading.  Is your application complete?

H. Only the Facts.  Do not try to pull the wool over the eyes of the reader. These folks are professionals and have ample experience in identifying boloney.

Remember, if you start to work early and you have a solid need and a potential solution, writing the grant is not all the difficult. Good hunting!