My partner and I wrote a Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) grant back in 2003.  It was funded and has been very successful for the school.  It incorporates the many grant writing tips that I have posted on my blog,  It is not fancy (just written by two old country girls) but it got the job done.  It provided the facts in a straightforward down to earth manner.  It followed the criteria stated in a text box before each section in the order of the Request For Proposal (RFP).  The need section had a little creativity mixed in with the hard, cold facts (current data).  The proposal was written according to formatting guidelines (i.e., page limit, margins, font).  The objectives were measurable and correlated to the need.  This simple proposal clearly demonstrates that the average person can write fundable grants as long as they know the needs of the applicant and have researched-based activities to meet those needs.

 There were a few other factors that weighed in to help get this proposal funded.  One would be the strong partners the Boys and Girls Club and the Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribes.  In funding federal grants, you cannot go wrong with partners such as the Boys and Girls Club or Native American tribes.  The other bit of good fortune that we had was a current community needs’ assessment from a group called the “Western Oklahoma Coalition for Community Strengthening “.  Very rarely do you find a strong supportive document like this.   Most of the time you have to build the needs assessment with a lot of leg work, which means you have to plan ahead.  Once the RFP comes out, your time is very limited.

 In summation, the things that made this proposal successful were strong needs that were well documented; credible partners with resources; sustainability; researched-based activities; and an easy to read and understand application.

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