These links provide good resources for grant writers.  I will be posting more as I check them out to see if they are all still in place.

Guide for Writing a Funding Proposal
At this site, Dr. S. Joseph Levine of Michigan State University gives advice on how to write successful proposals.

Here you can learn how to write winning proposals. This site is sponsored by the Human Frontier Science Program.

SchoolGrants – Your One-Stop Site for K-12 School Grant Opportunities
Here you will find grant–writing tips, sample proposals (including my PEP grant), and grant writing CDs, as well as funding sources.

Fundraising and Grantwriting Resources
This site provides a collection of links to funding applications; grant writing consultants and services; grant writing tutorials and help; funding sources; and more.

Database of U.S. Department of Education Publications in ERIC
Here you will find a searchable database of government research documents that can support your winning proposals.