The Corporation for National and Community Service (Corporation) is seeking qualified individuals to participate in peer review for the Youth Engagement Zones grant competition!  This competition and consequently the review are subject to the availability of appropriations for fiscal year 2011.

Needed Areas of Expertise

The Corporation is looking for individuals with extensive experience in service-learning, knowledge of programs targeting college access for underrepresented youth, understanding of how to align academic curriculum with content standards, and experience applying positive youth development principles to programming for middle and high school students. 

Because the Youth Engagement Zone Funding Opportunity Notice seeks grant applications that specifically align with the priority areas stated in the Serve America Act; accordingly, reviewers will need five or more years of demonstrated experience in service-learning and Education.

What to Expect

Youth Engagement Zone Peer Review      Monday, April 4 – Wednesday April 20, 2011
(estimated 40-50 hour commitment)   

 Orientation sessions will be held prior to Peer Review. Once confirmed, you will receive updates with additional information.

The FY2011 Youth Engagement Zone grant competition Peer Review is utilizing a distance-based Field Review model, allowing Reviewers to collaborate and complete their review responsibilities remotely, eliminating the need to travel or meet in person for participation in the review.

Each Reviewer will be assigned to a review panel, will read and assess their assigned applications individually, and participate in panel discussions regarding those applications.

Some Review Participants are asked to serve as panel Facilitators who coordinate with Corporation staff to chair their review panel, facilitate panel discussions, and summarize applications’ strengths and weaknesses.

The review process lasts two to three weeks and may require 40-50 hours of work to complete. There are mandatory panel calls and orientation and training sessions that may require alterations to your normal schedule.

Reviewers will download, share, and print the review documents and applications using an online collaboration tool.

The Corporation offers Reviewers and Facilitators an honorarium for their participation in a grant review. The honorarium amount varies, but begins at $700.  Unfortunately, federal employees are not eligible to receive honorarium. 

How to Respond

If you are available and would like to participate as a Peer Reviewer for the FY2011 Youth Engagement Zone Grant Competition, send an email to and we will note your interest for subsequent communications.  Indicating availability does not guarantee selection as a participant.

The Corporation has refined the requirements and qualifications for Review Participants. It is important reviewers’ eGrants profiles reflect their most up-to-date information and experience.  Reviewers will be selected based on the information they provide in eGrants.  Previous participation in Corporation reviews will not guarantee FY2011 recruitment. Please update your Reviewer Profile in eGrants. (eGrants LogIn Page)  If you have trouble accessing your account, please contact the National Service Hotline at 800-942-2677 or on-line at do not create a new account.