He was a SIDS baby and wore a monitor for the first year of his life.  He stopped breathing many times every night.  We were almost scared to love him because it would hurt too bad if we lost him.  It took courage to love him but he gave us no choice, he was special.  He outgrew the SIDS before he was old enough to remember but he always seemed to be super sensitive about death. He fretted and worried if anyone was sick, even his animals.  Outside of that he was the strongest, most athletic little boy ever.  He didn’t walk, he ran.   

He was still just a little guy at his first sheep show when he first noticed the cool kid in the motorized wheel chair.  There was just something about that kid.  He had limited motion but lived life to the fullest.  He wheeled his chair right into the sheep ring and, with the help of a loving sister, won more than his share of purple ribbons.  He was a special kid with a running spirit.  Slowly the boys’ friendship grew and it was not unusual to see them buzzing through the State Fair barns (at least until they had to park and let the batteries charge).  They grew to be young men with kindred spirits…living life with all they had to give.  

He knew.  He had asked the questions early on and he knew the answer, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He did the research, so he was fully aware that this friendship was going to break his heart.  And tonight it did.

I wish I could fix it for him…it was easy when he was little and I would nurse his motherless kittens back to life or reassure him things would be all right.  This will never be all right, but it is right.  It is right and brave to love and offer your heart even when you know it will be broken. It takes a courageous and giving heart. 

Rest in peace DK.   You were a blessing.