After reviewing a wide variety of grants for countless years, I have found that I have a lot of insight that I want to share with all of the grant writers who pass through my reviews.  To some I would just say, “Good job, your organization and presentation was excellent!” (which is why I awarded such a high score) but then there are the others, who did not get a fundable score, despite the fact that they had a great program that would help many needy people.  Those are the writers that I want to reach.  I want to tell you where you went wrong and how easy it would be to get your worthy program funded.  I have valuable grant writing advice that I am willing to dispense free of charge.  (Dispensing for money would be even better but for the moment it is still free.  My thoughts are that you should grab this valuable commodity before I figure out how to use it to make money.)  As a result, I am starting a series of grant writing tips.  Most of my advice is Grant Writing 101 — so basic and so simple.  However, it is the little stuff that eats up your score and ranks you too far down the list to be funded.  A few tweaks and you are in the money!  Enroll now, the class is free and I have a lot to tell you!  Just check in often for new lessons.