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Fractured Prism

Welcome to the Fractured Prism. This is my domain (I love the sound of that, kind of like my kingdom), where I will share reflections of the many facets of my life. At the very least, I am a daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, friend, homemaker, teacher, counselor, and grant writer. Through the years, I have been professionally cut and polished or just accidental fractured into thousands of pieces and have thoughts about them all. I have found that I am writing for many reasons but mostly to share my small bits of wisdom. Come back often because each reflection will be different. My ultimate goal is to have a place where grant writers, grant reviewers and funders can network. So if you are into grant writing or grant reviewing please leave your name and email. Linda Beason

Peer Reviews

The peer review section is provided for those who are interested in being peer reviewers. I am not sure that all the contact information is current but you can always call the office and get current information.

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Grant Writing 101: Details or “The Extent to Which…”

The majority of Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) peer reviewer criteria starts with the words, “The extent to which…” and the reviewer’s score will reflect this extent.   Therefore, if you plan on getting even close to maximum score, you had better provide details for each criteria.  It is not one, two, skip a few!  Address all of the relevant information exactly in the order that it appears in the selection criteria. (more…)

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Kindred Spirits

He was a SIDS baby and wore a monitor for the first year of his life.  He stopped breathing many times every night.  We were almost scared to love him because it would hurt too bad if we lost him.  It took courage to love him but he gave us no choice, he was special.  He outgrew the SIDS before he was old enough to remember but he always seemed to be super sensitive about death. He fretted and worried if anyone was sick, even his animals.  Outside of that he was the strongest, most athletic little boy ever.  He didn’t walk, he ran.   (more…)

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Grant Writing 101: Why You Didn’t Get Funded

After reviewing a wide variety of grants for countless years, I have found that I have a lot of insight that I want to share with all of the grant writers who pass through my reviews.  To some I would just say, “Good job, your organization and presentation was excellent!” (which is why I awarded such a high score) but then there are the others, who did not get a fundable score, despite the fact that they had a great program that would help many needy people.  Those are the writers that I want to reach.  I want to tell you where you went wrong (more…)

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